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Core Conditioning

Injury Prevention and Overall Wellbeing for your Horse

Core conditioning includes exercises and activities designed to strengthen the horse’s “core” muscles, which include the abdominal, back, and hindquarter muscles. This type of conditioning helps to improve the horse’s overall stability, balance, posture, and athletic performance.

By strengthening the core muscles, a horse is better able to support its spine, maintain proper posture, and move more efficiently, which can help prevent injury and improve its overall athletic ability. Activities include lunging, ground work, and specific exercises designed to target the core muscles.

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Benefits of Equine Core Conditioning
  • Improved Balance and Strength: help build strength and improve their balance, which in turn can help them be more successful
  • Injury Prevention: can help horses to prevent muscle and joint injuries that can be caused by strenuous activities like galloping or jumping
  • Improved Suppleness and Flexibility: can help improve their overall suppleness and flexibility, which can help them to move more freely and confidently
  • Increased Endurance: can help horses to increase their endurance, which can improve their performance during endurance rides and other long-distance events
  • Improved Posture: can help horses to improve their posture, which can lead to better performance, as well as better overall health