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Equine Post Surgical Care

At Iverson Equine Practice, we provide a comprehensive continuum of care, ensuring a seamless journey from operation to recovery. Dr. Iverson’s expertise shines in crafting personalized Equine Post Surgical Care plans, meticulously tailored to individual patient goals. Collaborating seamlessly with referring veterinarians, our specialized approach bridges the gap between surgery and boarding, guaranteeing exceptional support throughout your horse’s healing process.

We’re here to help your horse recovery quickly:

  • Facilitation of post surgical care instructions
  • Bandage and catheter changes
  • In-house pharmacy
  • Lay-up observation
  • Daily in-depth monitoring and check-ins
  • Continual communication of changes and progress to you, and your veterinarian

Iverson Equine is ready to provide quality and compassionate care as your horse works toward recovery.