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Frequently Asked Questions

We know choosing care for your horse is a big decision. Here are some of our most frequently asked questions to put you at ease. Don’t see your question on the list? Reach out!

What should I know before my first appointment?

Before intake, Dr. Iverson will complete a full physical exam and (if your vet hasn’t already) take the necessary x-rays or ultrasounds to get a better understanding of your horse’s long term needs. The intake exam typically takes around 30-45 minutes. We will go over your goals, understand expectations for recovery, determine the treatment plan, and discuss costs.

How do I know what kind of rehab program works best for my horse?

Dr. Iverson creates an individualized plan for each horse based on their current state, goals for their recovery and future work, and your budget. Plans are reevaluated at each recheck and additional services can be added on an as needed basis.

How involved will Dr. Iverson be in my horse's rehab?

Each tier of the board includes an initial exam by Dr. Iverson to create a treatment plan, as well as two rechecks throughout each month your horse stays with us. If you have a preferred veterinarian you are using already, Dr. Iverson will work side by side with your vet for recommendations tailored to your horse’s individual needs.

What is your approach to rehabilitation?

At Iverson Equine, personalized and responsive horse-first care is at our core. We work with you to set realistic goals and provide continuous and open communication, working towards the best outcome possible for your horse.

What is included in the rehabilitation program?

The rehabilitation program includes a personalized treatment plan, Board (hay, grain, shavings, daily care), handwalking, icing, wrapping and monitored turnout, two vet rechecks in addition to the intake exam and any additional a la carte options.

What is needed to start my horse in a rehab program?

Dr. Iverson will provide an intake form for you to fill out with information about your horse’s general health, a boarding agreement, and other liability waivers. We also require a current negative Coggins and your horse’s up-to-date vaccination records (including FR).

What are the benefits of having routine lameness exams performed?

Your vet can catch small issues before they can become a full blown lameness and prevent lay-ups. Routine exams allow your vet to monitor small sorenesses or restrictions and treat them, allowing your horse to perform at their best. No matter the job, horses are asked to perform as an athlete, this means they will have aches and pains that can affect their performance.

Do you work with veterinarians? If so, how?

Dr. Iverson works collaboratively with your referring veterinarian to create a treatment plan for your horse, provides a continuum of care and continual updates, and works collaboratively on discharge and aftercare plans. Vets are welcome to visit the barn for rechecks and wellness work if desired by the client.

What does post-surgery care look like?

Iverson Equine Practice offers a continuum of care after equine surgery. For patients who need intermediate care between surgery and boarding, Dr. Iverson provides exceptional post-procedural care and works closely with the referring veterinarian throughout their stay.

Can I leave my horse with Iverson Equine while I am out of town?

Yes! We offer weekly check-ins so you are informed about any changes in your horse so you can remain informed while out of town. We can also provide pictures or video chat so you can see your horse’s progress here.

Can I add additional services to my horse's program?

As your horse moves through their treatment program, changes can be made by upgrading their entire treatment package by tier, or by adding individual services on an a la carte basis.

What kind of feed is included in my board?

Hay is included in the board price. We typically feed Purina grain products but are able to tailor your horse’s feed to whatever they are currently feeding. Grain costs are included in the board price and we ask that each owner provides additional supplements separately.

How do I get started with Iverson Equine?

For information on Iverson Equine or to schedule a consultation please email us at or call (224) 286-4227.