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Equine Neuromuscular Training

Exercises for Balance, Stability and General Physical Awareness

Equine Neuromuscular Training integrates advanced techniques such as the sensory track, featuring a sequence of raised and textured platforms. This dynamic setup not only enhances coordination and balance but also sharpens the horse’s focus, fostering an overall sense of awareness.

Similarly, the stability pads serve as a stationary counterpart to the track, enabling horses to develop balanced leg and back muscles. By engaging with these pads for specified durations, horses refine their stability and core strength.

The powerful combination of the sensory track and stability pads extends beyond physical benefits. These tools are instrumental in aiding injury rehabilitation, amplifying performance capabilities, and maximizing athletic prowess. Additionally, they cultivate a heightened body awareness in equines, which can lead to improved responsiveness and a more harmonious rider-horse partnership.

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Benefits of Equine Neuromuscular Training
  • Helps with mobility, strength and core composition
  • Shortens the duration and improves healing of an injury, illness or ailment
  • Reduces inflammation and irritation
  • Improves balance and stability
  • Builds confidence and comfortability
  • Improves posture and performance
  • Prevents injuries and identifies potential areas of concern