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Equine Treadmill Exercises

For Rehabilitation and General Wellness

Equine treadmill exercises are good for horses because they provide a controlled environment for physical activity and rehabilitation. Treadmill exercise can be a useful tool for improving the fitness, rehabilitation, and performance of horses, and can be incorporated into a comprehensive training and exercise program.

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Benefits of Equine Treadmill Exercises
  • Improved fitness: allows horses to work at a consistent pace and intensity, which can improve their cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength, and overall athletic ability
  • Reduced injury risk: reduces the risk of injury from outdoor terrain, such as uneven ground or obstacles
  • Controlled environment: the controlled environment of a treadmill allows for the precise regulation of speed, incline, and duration of exercise, which can be useful for horses in rehabilitation from injury or for those being prepared for competition
  • Better gait analysis: provides a clear and stable surface for the evaluation of a horse’s gait, which can be useful in diagnosing and treating lameness or other movement problems
  • Reduced stress: treadmill exercise can be less stressful for horses compared to other forms of exercise, such as ridden work, which can be beneficial for horses that are nervous or easily stressed in a new environment.