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Equine Pro-Six and Pessoa Lunging

For Overall Physical Performance and Athletic Ability

The Equine Pro-Six system is designed to improve a horse’s strength, flexibility, and balance by using a series of exercise equipment and techniques. The horse lunging system typically includes resistance and stretch exercises that target specific muscle groups, as well as activities that promote body awareness and coordination by using wide resistance bands that add extra resistance to a lunging or hand walking exercise. The Pro-Six forces the horse to exert extra effort in extending the legs forward and back in stride and using the core muscles as well. The goal of the Pro-Six system is to help horses develop stronger, more efficient movement patterns and perform at their best in competition.

The Pessoa training system puts the horse into a working frame which allows them to use muscles across their neck, back, core and hind end correctly. This can create a strengthening effect across the board and also builds muscle memory for work outside of the Pessoa system.

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Benefits of Pro-Six and Pessoa Systems
  • Helps with mobility, strength and core composition
  • Shortens the duration and improves healing of an injury, illness or ailment
  • Reduces inflammation and irritation
  • Improves balance and stability
  • Builds confidence and comfortability
  • Improves posture and performance
  • Prevents injuries and identifies potential areas of concern
  • Educated care for both horse and owner