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Veterinary medical manipulation is a form of chiropractic therapy that can help relieve restrictions, decrease stiffness, and restore range of motion. Restrictions can cause stiffness, decreased flexibility, and even pain, resulting in poor posture. Veterinary medical manipulation is an effective therapy that can help reduce pain, injuries, and lameness caused by these restrictions.

Common Signs of Restrictions

  • Change in behavior, attitude or performance
  • Resistance to collect or bend laterally 
  • Stiffness or shortened stride 
  • Muscle atrophy or poor muscle development 
  • Difficulty flexing at the poll
  • Asymmetrical sweating
  • Dragging toes
  • Difficulty with one lead or only landing on one lead
  • Avoiding contact with the bit or hard on one rein
  • A change in jumping style or refusing jumps

Full Examinations

Trigger Point Therapy

Manual Manipulation

Stretching and Facial Release

Here’s how veterinary medical manipulation can help:

  • Helps reduce muscle spasms and pain, and improves comfort
  • Improves range of motion, and allows for horses to properly carry themselves
  • Can improve muscle imbalances and atrophy
  • Allows proper signaling from the nervous system reducing tripping, shortened strides, and reducing muscle and tendon injury