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Advanced Technologies for Equine Healing at Iverson Equine

By January 5, 2023No Comments

IE utilizes advanced technology to heal your horses from head to tail


At Iverson Equine, we take great pride in the careful care we provide for our clients, both human and horse. State-of-the-art equine healing care must include the latest technologies and medical advancements. Dr. Iverson utilizes many of the top-tier healing technologies available today. Each of these technologies, under our expert control, brings an additional level of rehabilitation to help in healing your horse, whether due to lameness or post-surgery.


Digital radiography is essential in helping to pinpoint the source of your horse’s pain, with ultra-clear imagery and digital copies available in just minutes. Iverson Equine’s portable x-ray machine allows Dr. Iverson to take high-quality images without having to trailer your horse to our facility. In addition, x-ray images are a truly valuable tool when you are buying or selling horses. A nice clean x-ray verifies the health of your horse and helps with getting better pricing when selling.


Digital ultrasonography provides high-quality digital images of tendons and ligaments, allowing Dr. Iverson to pinpoint areas of pain, strain, and more. Once issues are pinpointed, we will create a specific treatment plan based on images. At Iverson Equine, we also utilize ultrasound as a guide when we are providing injections for increased accuracy and effectiveness.

Class IV Laser Therapy

Considered the “Gold standard” for laser and light therapy, our Class IV laser therapy services at Iverson Equine provide our clients with the most advanced equine healing care. Laser and light therapy can be used on all parts of a horse’s body, except eyes and ears, and it’s effective at reducing pain and inflammation – even with acute and chronic pain. Laser therapy also increases recovery times after strenuous exercise and helps to prevent soreness. It can be used to speed up the healing process of surgical wounds or to help improve the quality of repair and remodel of damaged tissue.

Shockwave Therapy

At Iverson Equine, we use shockwave therapy, a noninvasive treatment for our patients with acute or chronic soft tissue injuries, bone and joint injuries and chronic pain. It uses sound waves to stimulate healing and typically provides benefits in 6 to 8 weeks. Shockwave therapy requires specialized training and can only be administered by a licensed veterinarian like Dr. Iverson.


Horses really benefit from the vibrations from a TheraPlate massage plate. The  vibrations relax and rebuild muscle tone, improve circulation and promote hoof growth. TheraPlate also works to reduce swelling and inflammation after activity, warm up/cool down for performance horses. Additionally, it’s a great way to improve balance, relieve pain and stress.


We are extremely excited to add a wet/dry treadmill to our practice. It provides independent exercise for rehabbing horses, body conditioning with uphill and downhill capabilities. The water feature increases resistance while removing stress on joints caused by regular handwalking for improved body conditioning.

Dr. Iverson uses the TheraPlate for equine healing