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Spring Wellness for Horses

By February 20, 2023No Comments

Preparing for Spring Horse Show Season with Wellness Exams

Spring wellness visits for horses help prepare for a new season full of good health and the horse show season! Here are some of the necessary vaccines and recommended treatments to set your horse up for success as the weather warms up.

Wellness Exam – a wellness exam is essentially a check-up for your horse which gives you and your vet some insight into the overall health of your horse. Spring wellness exams can be used to ask questions, evaluate lameness, and discuss a care plan for the rest of the year. This is also a great time to ask about lameness issues and talk about a conditioning program to get your horse back into work after a slow winter season. During a spring wellness exam, your vet will administer vaccinations and perform any necessary lab testing for your horse.

These vaccinations and tests can include:
  • E/W Encephalitis and West Nile, Flu/Rhino, Rabies, Tetanus – these vaccines are a preventative measure to keep your horse healthy as warmer weather increases exposure to biting flies, mosquitoes, and other warm weather hazards. These diseases can be found all across the country, so vaccinating your horse before interstate travel is highly recommended
  • Coggins – If you plan on traveling to horse shows or clinics in the next 6 months, a Coggins test and health certificate from your vet is required for interstate travel. The Coggins test requires a blood test for Equine Infectious Anemia, or EIA.
  • Fecal Testing/Deworming – a fecal test will determine if your horse is currently infected with a parasite, which kind, and how many. This test determines if your horse is a high/low shedder based on the number of eggs found in the fecal sample. Your vet will then determine the type and frequency of dewormer your horse will need for the season.

Dental Exam – your horse should have a dental exam every 6 months to maintain their overall dental health. A dental exam can be used for preventative maintenance of the sharp points of the teeth, or to remove any issues with diseased or damaged teeth. This exam will be done under sedation, so it is important to make the proper arrangements for your horse’s aftercare.

Spring wellness exams for horses are an opportunity to check in on their overall health and make decisions for their health care for the next 6 months. The wellness exam can cover all areas of vaccination, general health, lameness evaluation, and dental health that your horse needs to have a happy and healthy year!